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Agency Payment Options
Jetstar operates two additional payment option,in addition to our standard credit card and voucher payment options.
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A debit account facilty operated by jetstar into which you must prepay a balance:
IMPORTANT: Jetstar can only support one (1) Agency payment Type per organisation which you will not be able to change. Please carefully choose which account type is most relevant for you (select no if you only wish to use our standard credit card and voucher payment option or confirm at a later date).
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Jetstar is a member of the IATA Billing & Settlement Plan (BSP) in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore & Thailand. If your agency participates in the BSP in one of those countries, and you would like to have the option of paying for your Jetstar reservations by BSP, please click on the check-box for your country below. If you would like more information on BSP and Jetstar click here
Agency Payment Options
Jetstar allows travel agents to operate a prepaid account in addition to our standard credit card and voucher payment option.This facilityis a debit account facility operated by jetstar which you can prepay a balance for settlement.
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  • Informasi yang diberikan di atas dapat digunakan untuk tujuan berikut:
      - Untuk menilai setiap aplikasi kredit
      - Untuk memberitahu penyedia kredit lain jika terjadi penolakan
      - Untuk menilai kelayakan kredit saya
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